PROJECT: “Born In A Car Crash”, written by Morgan “Moman” Nixon, is a guide to 1950s and 60s rhythm and blues 45s – artifacts of an incredibly fertile period of Black American music and a time of significant cultural upheaval. R&B was a constant thread through the complex tapestry of racial segregation, international conflict, and the civil rights movement. One could argue that rhythm & blues music was “born in a car crash”, and instead of being crippled by the weight, used the experience as inspiration to create beauty & joy. We owe so much to these musicians & this struggle, and it’s our hope that the artists & labels featured in the book may someday become as heralded and well-known as all the popular musicians who stole from or built upon their sound.

“Born In A Car Crash” highlights essential tracks from an era of profound creativity, entrepreneurship, and inspiration. It aims to shine a light on the musicians, producers, and labels that leveraged everything they had to create music for the people.

Includes 242 entries on blues and R&B 45s with record label scans. High quality offset printed in Berlin, 256 pages, Full Color. Artwork by Mark Vernall.

ROLE: Designer/Author

SKILLS USED: HTML ,CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

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