PROJECT: In their debut album Last Spring, Dawn Riding has crafted a project that is somehow fierce, intimate, outlaw, passionate, and psychedelic, all at the same time. Having cut their teeth in basements, underground venues, and punk houses around the country, it only made sense for Dawn Riding’s debut to come to life in a dusty mid-fi recording studio run out of a San Francisco garage. The eight psych-tinged songs that came out of the Last Spring sessions unveil the stories of songwriter Sarah Rose Janko’s fabled friendships, renegade icons, and uncompromising ethos, and serve as a perfect introduction to Dawn Riding’s dreamy, gritty sound. It’s an album for loners & relentless romantics, full of emotional casualties, resilient heroes, and living close to the edge. I laid out the vinyl record for production and created numerous digital assets for the release, one of my favorite records I’ve ever worked on—truly excellent songwriting, jacket design, and playing.

ROLE: Production

SKILLS USED: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

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