PROJECT: Shasta is the product of an experiment in limitations and creative self-control. Recorded with solar power on a Tascam 388 and remaining true to only the 8 available tracks, these sessions were often late nights around the wood stove in a small hillside studio in Big Sur. The sessions resulted in Levi’s most tender record to date; sung low and slow with vocals and acoustic guitar up front, and trading the double tracked guitar solos of earlier albums for syrupy pedal steel and piano. Shasta pays respect to the record in its truest form – a complete narrative from start to finish, meant to conjure the most terrifying human emotion and hopefully bring it some peace. I created an EPK extending Leviʻs existing branding from the LP and laid out the vinyl record for production.

ROLE: Production/Consultant/Developer

SKILLS USED: Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

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