PROJECT: The intention of this not-for-profit project is to share music that is too good to be lost, and serve as a reminder that music is infinite and will outlive us all. The musicianship of Nigerian session players in the 80s was beyond world class, and the creativity and innovation during an economic boom and bust period of Nigeria’s history were truly staggering. Moman has been collecting Nigerian disco records for years, and finally feels like he’s uncovered enough obscurities to put together a high quality zine & mixtape dedicated to the music and its vibrant culture.

Nigeria Nice is a high-quality 20-page art zine featuring write-ups about rare and out of print Nigerian disco music and original hand-painted artwork by Travis Weller. Includes a free 70-minute mixtape of the featured tracks recorded at Long Road Studios in Oakland, CA to a high-end Tanberg cassette deck by Kit Center. Mastered by Jah Gumby at Father Psalms Studio in Palolo, Hawai’i and dubbed to the highest quality Chrome Type 2 high bias cassettes available.

ROLE: Developer/Designer

SKILLS USED: HTML ,CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

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