PROJECT: Fifty-two weekly episodes of a two-hour-long musical and political program that I hosted and DJed during the pandemic that was available for pandemic viewing; no archive exists. The show was my effort to boost my community’s morale and keep myself busy in intense isolation during the pandemic. My wife and creative collaborator, Koalani Lagareta, and I brainstormed a weekly flyer that often featured Koalaniʻs excellent illustrations. DJ friends from all over the planet were included; it was a very fulfilling and amazing series conducted in complete isolation, with each DJ submitting their sets remotely. Fifty-two straight weeks of this also very much so sharpened my, at the time, dormant Adobe Premiere skills; due to the length of the show and the pandemic, I got good with Adobe Premiere, which was excellent and good fun.

ROLE: Creative Director/Audio

SKILLS USED: Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere